This Is How Pakistanis Have Been Reacting To Imad Wasim’s Scandal With THAT Afghani Girl

Cricketers in Pakistan are considered superstars of the highest order. With millions praying for them to perform well for their country on the field, they are also aware of their every move, either on the cricket field, their personal lives, or on social media. Imad Wasim has become the latest culprit of the other side of being a cricketing star.

Imad Wasim is flying high these days. After being named the T20 cricketer of the year and having cemented a regular place in the limited overs format, his career is at its very peak. This was just spoiled when he was alleged to have promised a Dutch born Afghani girl to marry her, than bailed on her. Eventually, things got public, and Imad Wasim released the following statement.

The clarification from Imad prompted the girl to go full throttle at him, and posted pictures, which were initially blurred, with the faces of both parties showing clearly. She also talked to Dunya News to set the record straight.

This is how Pakistanis have reacted the ‘scandal’ on Twitter..

Our favorite journalist has Imad’s backing..

As usual, religion gets dragged into the matter..

Fair point..

We’ve all had our favorite songs spoiled..

Looks like someone’s been on the other side of the coin a few times..

We almost forgot about this..


Oh there is plenty of room for more!

What is your take on the Imad Wasim scandal? Whose side are you on?

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