Social Media and its Double Standards on recent controversies!

So, recently, two incidents happened which revolve around Mahira Khan and Ranbir Kapoor, and the other one is about Nouman Ali Khan, a renowned Pakistan-American Muslim speaker. Mahira Khan was seen with Ranbir Kapoor while they were smoking in the streets of New York and Mahira Khan was NOT in her best possible dressing. Since, we Pakistanis are not really fond of giving personal space to celebrities, we titled her a ‘behayyah aurat’. Similarly, few screenshots(real or fake) made Nouman Ali Khan a ‘baighairat’ Muslim preacher by our people.

Pakistanis are an emotional bunch of people and they take things very seriously and we are always ready to label someone a ‘kaafir’. Many people turned in full support for the Showbiz celebrity and as well as for the Muslim Scholar. Anyhow, the point of this article is about the role our media agencies are playing in this matter. We can’t talk about individual people here and their views since they don’t have a fan following and their point of view doesn’t matter in the bigger perspective.

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BUT, what about our media blogs? Should they be taking sides and labeling someone a ‘beghairat’ just because he’s a Muslim scholar and is not an entertainer? A Facebook post shared by a famous comedian Ali Sufyan Wasif shows the double standards of such blogs.

This blog, mentioned in his post, has more than 9 lac followers on Facebook and most of them are teenagers. As a blog, we have bigger responsibilities on us for giving the best possible approach in such matters. Double standards are clearly seen in the caption of these posts. Most of us don’t not even open the article because, sometimes, title and caption is enough to get an idea of the inside content. What perception will a reader have about Nouman Ali Khan, after reading that caption “screenshot of his ‘beghairat’ conversations…” Since most liberals are always ready to bash Islamic Scholars, they didn’t leave him either. Branded him as a ‘tharki’. That guy has been preaching for the last 20 years and this is what he gets in return, his ‘beghairat conversations‘? People who call these scholars extremists are promoting another kind of negative extremism with such posts.

At the end of the day, everything comes down to click baits. Let’s malign the character of this scholar. People will click this spice filled title and we’ll get few dollars. Because…

Paise Kamao

Kisi ki Izzat LMAO!

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