Here Is How Pakistan Has Been Supporting Mahira Khan After Her Smoking Incident

Being a celebrity isn’t as rosy as it might seem. With your every move and every word uttered being constantly observed under a microscope, life can be pretty abnormal. Mahira Khan is probably the best Pakistani victim of this cruel and unfair fact, more so now than ever before!



When photos of Mahira Khan wearing a potentially ‘haram’ dress smoking with heartthrob Ranbir Kapoor, little would both the stars have known what a stir those would cause on both sides of the border. While they seem to have no clue that the photographs were being taken, the pictures went absolutely berserk all over social media, igniting a war of opinions, judgments, accusations and misogyny.

Since Pakistanis are oh so synonymous with passing unnecessary judgments, that coupled with the victim being a woman, gave them the perfect opportunity to give out their expert remarks. But one can totally understand where they are coming from. For Pakistanis, Mahira Khan has always been their symbol of beauty, eloquence and the perfect housewife ( recall her Humsafar days). Many, it seems, perhaps still cannot separate Mahira from her role as Khirad in the TV series that paved the way to her stardom.



The dispute of principal is the fact that there were two people spotted smoking, but only one of them was scrutinized. This is what seemed to enrage the Pakistani ladies at least, and rightly so. To make matters even worse, many of us dragged religion into the matter, just like we do with every other little thing!

There were Pakistanis who began fantasizing the obvious. While this guy was trying to see the funny side to all this, it does show how double our standards really are. Guys can have all the Chars they want, but girls, no way!

Pakistanis celebrities naturally sided with Mahira Khan in the whole fiasco, and how!


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This entire episode has made one thing extremely clear. No matter how much English we are able to speak, no matter how well we dress up and no matter what corners of the world we travel to, you can get out of Pakistan but you can never get Pakistan out of you! Time for everybody to set their personas and their mindsets at the same frequencies.

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