Dhinchak Pooja Just Released Her Latest Song Which Might Give You Headaches In Your Stomach

Dhinchak Pooja is every bit as cringe-worthy for Indians as it is for Pakistanis. The Indian ‘singer’ grabbed social media headlines when she released her first single ‘Selfie Mene Leli’, and from then on, her so called star has continued to go up.

Make ridiculous music videos and become famous- that seems the way to go these days. After making a name for herself, the videos on her YouTube channel, which had gone so viral after their release, had to be brought down. This was because of a copyrights claim had been lodged against her, which seems rather hard to believe. After initially releasing the audio of her latest single ‘Baapu Dede Thorha Cash’, Dhinchak decided to keep her fans waiting for its music video, which turned out to be every bit as awful and funny as the song itself.

Ever since the release, Indians and Pakistanis have been scratching their heads over on Twitter and Facebook..

How do you find her latest music video? Do you think she’s a better singer than Nasir Khan Jan?

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