Here’s A Look Back At All The Performances of KASHMIR, The Winners Of Pepsi-Battle Of The Bands

After eight episodes of grueling competition and an incredible array of musical renditions, Pepsi Battle of The Bands was concluded with Kashmir being crowned the winners. We take a look back at all the magical performances that lead to Kashmir being crowned only the second winners of the show.

It would not be unfair to say that Pepsi Battle of The Bands did not amuse as much viewers as their Coke Studio counterparts, but that wasn’t their true target audience, was it? The show was more for those that have a groove for original renditions of young Pakistani musicians, besides ignoring the revival of the forgotten band culture in Pakistan, of course. On the grand finale of the show, it was down to Kashmir and Badnaam, but the Mera Pyar hitmakers ran out winners in a close contest.

Kashmir did their bit for being good sports by announcing their admiration and friendship for Badnaam on Twitter.


Badnaam weren’t exactly let down by their loss. In fact, they seemed even more keen and raring to go to even greater heights. Their chief preacher said..

Here are all of Kashmir’s performances on their way of being crowned the best band of Pakistan.

Song 1: Audition.
Hamesha – EP.


Song 2: Episode 3.
Mera Pyaar – Amir Zaki.


Song 3: Episode 4.
Budha Baba – Kashmir Original.

Song 4: Episode 5.
Waqt – EP.


Song 5: Episode 5.
Faislay – Kashmir.


Song 6: Episode 6.
Mendah Ishq Vi Tu – Kashmir.


Song 7: Episode 6.
Soch – Kashmir.

Song 8: Episode 7.
Ankahi (Mashup) – Kashmir.


Song 9: Episode 7.
Kaghaz Ka Jahaaz – Kashmir.



Final Song: Pepsi Battle of The Bands Finale.
Parwana Hun – Kashmir Original.


So the first season of the return of the Battle of The Bands is over, and who is to say that they won’t be returning for their second season in a row. With musical talents like Badnaam and Kashmir being produced, it about time the slackening Coke Studio had a bit of competition!

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