Waqar Zaka Has Apparently Gone Missing In Myanmar, And Pakistanis Have Grown Seriously Concerned On Twitter

The Muslims of Rohingya in Myanmar were being subjected to brutalities of the highest order, when Pakistan, among numerous countries worldwide, started to take up the issue seriously. Three notable Pakistanis left for Myanmar to help their brothers- Amir Liaquat, Iqrar-Ul-Hasan and Waqar Zaka, but apparently, Pakistanis are freaking out where Waqar has been lost these past days.

Waqar Zaka was the first recognizable face from Pakistan to formally travel to Burma and help the Muslims in need. He let his followers in on everything he was upto there and how they could stake their claim in the cause sitting in Pakistan. He got together with Amir Liaquat on his way to Myanmar, and gave his followers the following updates.


Since his last update was almost 5 days ago, and because of his own suspicion that the pair would be stopped for interrogation in Myanmar, Pakistanis have begun #WhereIsWaqarZaka in order to find their favorite social media activist:

Some Pakistanis chose to see the funny side of things..


Others chose to commend him for his courage at choosing to help his Muslim brothers..

Wakar Zaka on a blacklist? In Burma?


Wherever Waqar Zaka is, we sincerely pray for his well-being and pray for him to not only return to Pakistan safely, but to also get back to entertaining us on his various social media avenues.

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