10 Things you did not know about Virgos!


You were born between August 24 and September 23, under the sign of the Virgo? Or do you know someone close to this astro sign? In this case, it is normal that you want to know everything about this sign of the zodiac. What are the qualities and oddities of the star? What signs are consistent with this sign? Everything on the Virgo is here.

So you’re a virgo, like Monica Geller in Friends. With a great practical sense, meticulous but always a bit annoyed when everything does not go exactly as planned, the Virgo have incredible qualities but also some defects related to their exaggerated mania.

1. You love helping people

You are very organized you hate to find that the people around you lack rigor. Also, conscious of your gift for storage and order, you help them as soon as you can, and generally they are very grateful to you.

2. You know how to turn situations to your advantage

It is a pretty impressive skill and you use it very often. Very intelligent, you are thinking about how best to take advantage of each situation. Congratulations!

3. You’re a little gossip

You are incredibly attentive and you are always aware of everything. A colleague is pregnant? You’re the first one to notice. Besides, your side gossip girl makes of you an essential element of your group of girlfriends!

4. You are reliable

You hate letting people down, and your friends can always count on you: whatever happens, you are there for them, whether to talk, listen to them or help them.


5. You have the taste of detail

Virgos are known to be extremely attentive to details, which is a quality as much as a defect. For example, you want to control everything within your group of friends and they generally appreciate that, but this side control freak is sometimes a bit extreme. What if you tried to let yourself go a little sometimes?

6. You’re hard with yourself

It’s great to be well organized (everyone agrees on that), but you really do not know how to relax. When things do not go as you like, you overwhelm critics, and unfortunately, sometimes also, you pour your dissatisfaction on your loved ones. As they love you, they let the lightning go by, but it would still be better if you were more tender with yourself. You have the right to error and imperfection, just like everyone else!

7. You always see the negative things

Being a virgo must be quite stressful, because you never know how to let things go. You can not get rid of your bitterness, which continues to gnaw at you for a long time, as you can not think of anything other than the worries of work, even once at home. Try to realize that stress is bad for you, that sometimes you have to learn to disconnect, forgive or just move on.

8. You have brilliant career prospects

You are made for a job that requires rigor, attention and attention to detail. In figures or planning, you will find your happiness … and that of your employers, given your skills in these fields.

9. You are economical

You never throw money out of the windows and your account is never uncovered, which creates envy in your friends. How useful it is to be provident. Congratulations!

10. You are perfectionist in love

You spend your time wondering if you will ever meet the prince charming or princess of your dreams, without noticing that perhaps the nice boy/girl who has been watching you for weeks is waiting for you. Ok, it is not perfect and it does not meet all your requirements but do not forget dear Virgo, that nobody is perfect, and that the love relationships are much better like that.

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