Momina Mustehsan Reveals How Her Coke Studio Success Caused Her To Suffer Depression And Anxiety

The life of a celebrity is by all means a complex one. With your every move being closely monitored, judged and commented on, life can be very stifling. Momina Mustehsan is the perfect example of overnight fame, with an eight minute song with Rahat Fateh Ali Khan changing her life forever.



Coke Studio has given the careers of several musical prodigies in Pakistan a significant push. Asim Azhar, Momina’s co-singer in Tera Woh Pyaar, has combined a career on the small screen with his singing, while Sara Haider, after her song with Ali Zafar, appeared on several ads and got signed by Levis. None, have, although, eclipsed Momina Mustehsan’s fame and fortune post Coke Studio. Not only was she recalled to Coke Studio Season 10, in the preceding year, appeared on several TV-commercials, magazine shoots, interviews, blog posts, becoming public property number one in the process. For a girl who probably never asked for all this, the burden can be almost too much to bear.

Momina Mustehsan uploaded three videos on her Instagram account, where she voices her frustration at how her every move was subjected to public scrutiny, and how her fame became the cause of panic attacks and depression.

Video # 1:

Video # 2:

And Finally, Video # 3:

Part 3: The side you don’t see. #DepressionIsReal #ItOnlyGetsBetterWhenYouGetBetter #LoveYourself

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The revelations are reflective of what all young celebrities go through when fame and fortune hits them. Momina Mustehsan was supposedly engaged to Pakistani-American just a few months after her Coke Studio stint last year, and when pictures of the couple got out, it was commented on by Pakistanis in their thousands. Similarly, Zaid Ali, the Pakistani YouTuber who just got hitched, was also a victim of unnecessary social-media intrusions as his wife’s appearance was extensively commented on by Pakistanis.


Along with fame and fortune, comes its fair share of sacrifice as well. When you become public property, only then do you realize that glitz and glamour is no easy game. Go easy on Momina Mustehsan and the rest of our celebrities, Pakistanis. Please.

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