PTI Creates A Song In Response To Nawaz Sharif’s “Kyun Nikala Mujhe” Cries, And It Is Hilarious!

Things are more hot than ever between the two most popular political parties of Pakistan. After being ousted from the Prime Minister house, Nawaz Sharif embarked on a rally from Islamabad to Lahore, which gave birth to the most popular cry of 2017 so far- “Kyun Nikala Mujhe”.

The PTI and PML-N have locked horns once again in Lahore, with the two parties contesting for the seat abdicated by Nawaz Sharif. The parties are being represented by Dr. Yasmin Rashid and the former PM’s wife Kalsoom Nawaz, and while the seat continues to be campaigned for heavily by both parties, the PTI have used the position of the Sharif family to their advantage, by making songs that are catchy and funny, all at the same time.

The PTI’s latest song is set to mock Nawaz Sharif on his “Mujhe Kyun Nikala” cries, called out during the GT-Road rally. The song is complete now, and is set to debut during Imran Khan’s address at the NA-120 campaigns from now till the polling, just more than a week from now. Usman Dar gave his followers a preview of the song on his Twitter account.

This isn’t the only song that has been produced by the PTI in recent weeks. Imran Ismail, one of PTI’s most prominent member from Karachi, got together with Shahzaman and Jawad Kahlown (remember them), to produce Rok Sako Toh Rok Lo, in which Imran Ismail lends his voice himself. Take a look.

Ever since Nawaz Sharif uttered the words, “Kyun Nikala Mujhe” has been subjected to nothing but mockery, memes and banter. Pakistanis made their feeling very clear on Twitter..

Even our beloved Game of Thrones was not spared..

While we all enjoy PTI’s ability to take the mickey out of their political opponents, the truth is, PML-N hasn’t always required making songs for winning by-elections in the their tenure. All abdicated seats have gone their way, and with the latest competition taking place in what is called the Sharif’s home-ground, victory for the PTI might well be restricted to making a mockery of the “Kyun Nikala Mujhe” chants. Kudos on the idea, though.

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