So Which Of These Movies Performed Better At The Pakistani Box Office? Pakistanis Have Their Say..

Eid is the best time to be releasing movies in the sub-continent. Most of the biggest Bollywood box-office successes have been released on the Eids, and Pakistani producers seem to have taken a lesson from it. Na Maloom Afraad 2 and Punjab Nahi Jaungi both got released Saturday, but which of these two has been the bigger success?

There was much hype surrounding the two movies before their release. On one hand, there was a Humayun Saeed movie that starred his favorite co-star Mehwish Hayat, hoping to break all records set by previous movies under the Humayun Saeed banner, while on the other was the sequel to a Pakistani movie that genuinely laid the foundation of a genre of Pakistani movies that hadn’t been properly tapped and delivered to the modern day audience before, i.e comedy!

Here are the numbers from the first three days of the movies’ release..

Sharmeen Obaid knows a thing or two about cinema, doesn’t she. For her, she doesn’t seem to care which one does better..

Na Maloom Afraad took the bragging rights, as far twitter trends are concerned, though..

Pakistanis have weighed in on how they found the movies in full force on twitter..

The numbers don’t lie, now do they?

Fahad Mustafa combines his movie with the holiday..

Urwa Hocane is winning over a few Pakistanis after her performances in both movies..

Quite frankly, we don’t feel Pakistanis care too much about who won on the box office on Eid. All that we seem to care about is how far our cinema has come since its recent downfall, and that the only way is up from here.

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