These Scary Photos Of The Karachi Rains Will Show You Exactly How Much Damage They’ve Caused

The monsoon rains have driven the Pakistani ecosystem for thousands of years, but their excessive downpour has also lead to utter devastation of both life and property in the region, especially in the coastal lowlands of Karachi. The 2017 monsoon rains might prove to be the worst ones yet.


The Meteorological Department had stated that Karachi was to expect heavy rainfall towards the end of August, and an official urban flood warning had also been given to the public. The heavy rains, coupled with Karachi’s faulty and inadequate sewerage and drainage system, had lead to excessive runoff on the roads and streets, bringing the entire city to a standstill.

Mayor Karachi, Waseem Ahtar, said that the sewerage system was entirely choked due to garbage and sewerage, and that it would take a few days before the water could be drained out. In addition, he also stated that there were only a total of nine functional dewatering motors available for the entire city, as the rest were disfunctional.

These photos of the condition on the streets will make you realize just how much damage the rains have caused..

Well, there is an upside when the sky is clear and roads are dry..

While most Karachiites were scooping water out of their homes, children were busy on the prayer mat..

It didn’t rain in Karachi, it absolutely poured!

Trees were uprooted and transmission lines were cut..

Source: Samaa TV

Source: Samaa TV


Source: Samaa TV

Source: Samaa TV

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