Controversial Anchor Dr. Fiza Khan Voices Concerns About CAREEM’S Service That We Can All Relate To

The introduction of Careem and Uber into our daily lives has made things so much easier and convenient, hasn’t it? That does not mean that there is nothing cringe-worthy about their service either. Prominent news anchor Dr.Fiza Khan apparently had enough of it.




Dr. Fiza Akbar Khan has been appearing on television for the last eight years. She is one of the most experienced female news anchors in her fraternity, having worked for almost all established news channels, including Samaa, Geo, PTV, Dunya and Waqt News. She switched channels recently, by moving onto 7News from Samaa TV.

Careem’s service can make you go bonkers sometimes. The drivers don’t know directions most of the time, they can’t seem to locate you almost all the time, amongst a thousand other irritating things. Dr Fiza Khan encapsulates each and every one of them in this video..


Since Dr.Fiza isn’t the only one having these problems with Careem’s captains and their general service, Careem Paksitan just updated their services. They sent Game Of Thrones themed updates to all their users, and vowed to improve their services from there on.




Dr Fiza has always been respected for her work in almost all the channels she has worked at, but her latest workplace just fired her and a whole new controversy erupted after her dismissal. She was working in 7News for the past few months, and as a senior anchor, was given responsibilty of covering Nawaz Sharif’s GT Road rally, throughout the two days. She hosted a program, on which a representative of PML-N was called up, and the anchor came under fire from channel owners and executives for her conduct with the PML-N representative.

She was fired soon after the program was over, and blamed the channel’s affiliations with the Sharif family for her unfair dismissal.

Her rants on Twitter clear up the case even more..

Do you agree with all the things Dr.Fiza says against Careem? What is the most annoying thing that you’ve ever found about Careem’s service?

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