This brand mapped Pakistan on International Social Media

GENERATION, one of the pioneering pret-wear fashion labels of Pakistan, took to Social Media the past 14th August’17, by not only celebrating our “Chaand Sitara”:

…but also returning the kind gesture of the Indians’ Acapella of the National Anthem by wishing Independence to our neighbors:

However, what blew not only Pakistan but the International community away, was their rendition of the map of Pakistan:

It got 20k shares on Twitter, 111k impressions on Instagram and over 500 shares on Facebook, with massive engagement from people at home and abroad- even dozens of requests to share a high res version of the map that people could print out for themselves or for their friends.

We spoke to the Social Media team and got the inside scoop on the matter.

First, the idea.

Our idea stemmed from being product-centric and patriotic. It was inspired by a map of India by another Indian label that we came across, featuring a “fabric tour of India”. We have two product lines- COTTAGE and CLASSIC that comprise of perhaps the only kind of products that are truly keeping our traditional crafts and techniques alive and relevant in the modern times. So, we thought of sharing from where all and from what all do we draw inspiration and share our love for authentic Pakistani crafts with our audience.

How did it go viral then?

Honestly, we had anticipated a good response from our local audience and expats living abroad who share our love for traditional work. But it was astonishing when Saima Mir, Former BBC journalist, reposted the map on her Twitter account and it went viral in the international community, drawing the attention of art forums, graphic and textile designers and arts and crafts enthusiasts from around the world.

This comes as another feather in GENERATION’s cap, a brand that has more recently upped their marketing/social media game!

Kudos to the brand and here’s a reminder to all of us to be proud of our rich cultural history and diversity!

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