Pakistanis Feel The Pain As Ludo Star Is Apparently Shut Down In Pakistan

Ludo Star is down, we repeat, Ludo Star is DOWN!

Pakistan’s favorite pass-time has not been accessible since last night, and its like we’ve been stripped from all sources of oxygen. What will we possibly do without the application that has made our trips to the loo entertaining, gave us loyal friends, and also made life for the tharki that resides in all of us, all that more convenient.

Got that right!

Apparently, it has been reported that servers of the game have been down since last night, not only in Pakistan, but other parts of Asia like India and China as well. This anomaly can occur with games and applications, but addiction sees no hope, you see. How will we possibly live our lives anymore??


Aaahhh.. those were the days..


Fake accounts on twitter be like..


Even Wahab Riaz and his wife are hooked onto the game..


All you could possible think about was to kill the other person’s Goti..


But, there is hope Pakistanis, there is hope!

Ludo Star’s official twitter account gave the following statements just hours ago.



Has what the Ludo Star guys said worked for you? Is the game back to its brilliant best. Let us know in the cooments to help other Ludo Star brothers and sisters.

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