Get To Know Moin Nazim’s Story As He Tells You How To Be An Ingenious Graphics Designer.

If you’ve ever believed in the notion of Pakistanis being talented, then its about to get a whole lot stronger. The advent of digital marketing and its rise in popularity has led to stories being needed to be told in a single square frame, rather than a few hundred words. There are few better digital artists for that in Pakistan, than Moin Nazim, and he has got the formula for you to be just like him.

Source: MoiNazim Graphics- Facebook

Source: MoiNazim Graphics- Facebook


A Computer Sciences graduate from University of Karachi, Moin has transformed his career and made a tilt towards professional and freelance graphic designing. When he is not working for clients that pay, he shifts his attention to clients that don’t, those that he likes to serve as pleasure, ergo his Facebook followers (all 200,000 of them). It through his page and his work on it that he communicates with his followers, which ranges from motivation and inspiration pieces on one hand, and pure satire on the other. The ‘Ainak Wala Jin’ series maker is an acclaimed professional of his work, and we asked him how one can follow his lead.


Source: MoiNazim Graphics- Facebook

Source: MoiNazim Graphics- Facebook


Source: MoiNazim Graphics- Facebook

Source: MoiNazim Graphics- Facebook


Designing requires bags of creativity. How was your creativity cultivated?

My father had an artistic hand which all of is children inherited. My sisters became doctors, and I (ultimately) got to explore the field of graphics which later turned out to be my profession.

Tell us how graphic designing turned from a hobby into a profession?

I started making logos when I got inspired from the creative logos designed by designers across the globe. I developed an interest in pages like ‘Kachee Goliyan’ and ‘Comics by Arsalan’, along with running into a magical piece of equipment called a ‘Graphics Tablet’. I never stopped practicing, and here I am.


What do you have your hands full with these days, and what is your dream project?

I’ve developed decent prowess on logo design and illustrations, and my current projects revolve around these. My dream project is to work with an up-and-coming, small brand/business, and take to the very top through my work, and I strongly believe that day will come soon.


“Some days you get money, some days you get respect, some days you get recognition. The winning situation is if you get all three everyday and I’m doing just that” – Moin Nazim 

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How are you possibly able to juggle work, freelancing AND running your page?

It’s just like exercising- the heavier weights you lift, the bigger the muscles get. The monetary side of things fuels the graphic designer in me, while the respect and recognition fuels the artist. It feels very good to be getting all three, all at once.


What ‘real world’ lessons, from your profession and in general, would you like to share with our readers?

There are many lessons learned and many more to be learned. What I would preach is to present your personality in the most true, natural and positive manner possible. I learnt this by introducing my own character in my graphics. Through my character, the same ‘tan and dark’ person who was made fun of in his youth, was now a symbol of positivity and inspiration.

Graphic designing is a crowded industry now. What’s your advice to people venturing into it?

It is a profession where your work does the talking only. Make sure that you don’t wait for inspiration and creativity, you go out there and seek it. Practice will make you standout. More importantly, you can never be number one in this profession, so the best thing you can do is appreciate the work of others and be cultured by it, rather than looking down on it.

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