Revealed: This Is The Reason Why Amir Bhai Has Decided To Leave BOL-TV

Well, what has happened here. Amir Liaquat, the Ramzan game-show host turned political anchor person, has decided to leave the TV Station that propelled him to from superstar to ‘LEGENDARY’┬ástatus among the youth and social media followers of Pakistan. But what has caused him to quit BOL?


Source: Aamir Liaqat-Instagram

Source: Aamir Liaqat-Instagram

When Amir Liaquat was moving to the highest bidder, from channel to channel, very few had predicted that Amir Bhai would be play a pivotal role in the resurrection of BOL-TV. Amir Bhai made headlines when he joined BOL at the turn of the year, and many wondered why BOL would pay so much for someone who is generally most noteworthy during Ramzan.

BOL had different ideas- Amir Bhai started Aisay Nahi Challay Ga, which was a largely criticized the affairs of the current government. Amir Bhai turned a routine show upside down, due to his interesting choice of apparel and discussing the most explicit of topics openly.

Source: Aamir Liaqat-Instagram

Source: Aamir Liaqat-Instagram

Amir Bhai, on the 14th August transmission of Aisay Nahi Challay Ga, seemed to pretty much announce that he is leaving BOL TV, which has been received as a shock, since the network seemed to be thriving with his presence. He waited till the very end of his show, to slip in his announcement. This is what he said..

You might be asking yourself what Amir Bhai’s next move is? With this frenzy of anchors moving around to different channels having become a notorious tradition, Amir bhai has seemingly uncountable options. But, there are two possible theories that have been popping up..

1. Amir Bhai is not leaving BOL TV, technically. He will now be seen on PAK News, which is a subsidiary channel of the BOL Network. This would mean that he would still be associated with BOL TV, again, technically.

2. Possibility number two sees Amir Bhai moving to 24News. There, he could form a Nawaz Sharif bashing dream team with Mubashir Luqman.

Which channel do you think we’ll get to see Amir Bhai again on?

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