Pakistani Sets The World Record For The Most A-Grades In O/A Levels

There seems to be a special bond between O/A levels and Pakistani students. After Ali Moeen Nawazish made headlines all over the world when he secured 22 A-grades in his A-levels, in 2009, which was a world record at the time. Fast forward eight years, and another Pakistani has made Ali’s record look very silly indeed.

Every August (and January), Pakistani students are segregated into three different segments. One- students who get a good result and are absolutely ecstatic and proud, Two- students who get a bad result and lock themselves up in the room, switch off their phones, and cry, Three- those who simply don’t give a s*#t about their result. Hunain Zia hails from category number one, as he has made Pakistan proud by managing, somehow, to muster up a total of 66 As in both his O and A Levels examinations.

In the process, Hunain has made a total of six world records in the process, which are..

– Most A*/A/a grades in one session.
-Most A*/A/a grades in one year.
-Most hours of constant examination.
-Most number of papers in 24 days.
-Overall 42 A*/A/a grades.
-and now, Overall 66 A*/A/a grades.

While many are absolutely baffled as to why someone would want to ‘waste’ their time and energy on 66 subjects, when you can equally successful in securing admissions in the most prestigious universities in the world with a total of 15 subjects, in both O and A levels combined. But what we need to realize is that one has to go the extra mile if he wants to establish a name for himself, in not just their own country, but also around the world.

Pakistanis have been giving mixed reviews to the news on Facebook..





This guys gave the most Pakistani words of encouragement to all those who might be aspiring to achieve something similar..



While there are two sides to every coin in the world, there will similarly be hate and love for this achievement by Hunain Zia, and both are cogent arguments too, by the way. Nonetheless, it is nothing short of out-of-this-world, and we salute the temperament and ability of Hunain Zia!

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