What This Man Said To Hassan Nawaz After Approaching Him Will SHOCK You!

It seems the Sharif family just realized what the Pakistan term ‘International Bisti’ really means. The family was accused this past year of money laundering and corruption under the Panama Leaks, at the consequence of which the head of the family and the Prime Minister of the country was dethroned this past month. The problem, at least for them, extends well beyond the shores of Pakistan.

Naeem Bokhari, who is one the prominent lawyers in the country, joined the PTI in early 2017 and became their official lawyer in the case. He paid countless visits to the Supreme Court during the trial and was understandably elated when the verdict came out against the former PM, Nawaz Sharif. What is more interesting, though, is the prediction he made on Live With Nadeem Malik, even before the verdict was read out.

Skip to 1:36 to listen to what he predicted..


Amazingly, while one would consider Naeem Bokhari’s statements as somewhat of an overstatement of things, you wouldn’t believe what a Pakistani guy from London, who might have seen Nawaz Sharif’s son entering a local hypermarket, decided to do with the former PM’s son. 

Source: Dawn

Source: Dawn

Hassan Nawaz is the former PM’s younger son, and is believed to be settled in London with his family, handling the family businesses. While he is perceived to have kept himself distant from his father’s political affairs back home, he did appear before the JIT during his family’s trial.

The man approached Hassan Nawaz, exchanged pleasantries, and said this..

OMG ! That poor guy!

While this was extremely funny for an anti PML-N Pakistani, or even a neutral, we have to admit that it was extremely disrespectful to approach a guy who was out with his family, and say to him what was said. Having said that, this also shows that if even the most powerful of Pakistanis tries to do the nation and its people wrong, there will be consequences!

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