Waqar Zaka Teams Up With Momin Saqib To Help Pakistanis Apply To Universities In UK

Well this was something different from Wakar Zaka. While his followers on social media are more used to Wakar Zaka ‘educating’ the public about sex and his often objectionable exploits while travelling around the world, this time, he decided to pay Momin Saqib a visit, the ‘Mera Ro Raha Hai Mera’ guy, at King’s College, London.

You might remember him from this..

Wakar Zaka, after boozing around with girls in Belgium, and trying his best to impart knowledge about how Pakistani guys can score European ladies, he continued his travels and landed in London. Since landing in London, his videos have been given a real transformation in the nature of the content. He uploaded videos on Bitcoins, and how Pakistanis can invest in the digital currency and make a decent profit, something which indeed most Pakistanis have not been introduced to as yet.

In another appreciable attempt to probably regain his rapport among his followers, Wakar Zaka pulled a Junaid Akram, and went down to chat with Momin Saqib, and ex-LGS Jt-ite, and current President of the King’s College Student Association. If you’re aiming to go to the UK to pursue higher studies, this will indeed be of great help to you..

Take a look..

We hope Wakar Zaka can continue contributing to the society in an actually positive manner, and not just in the form of setting up Pakistan’s first adult blog!

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