LUDO STAR Was Declared Haram By This Guy, And He Might Just Have A Point.

Ludo Star, the game that was has literally plagued Pakistan, can do no wrong in their eyes. But, how would you feel about your latest addiction if it was told to you that it just might not be allowed to play it in Islam. Raja Zia Ul Haq addresses the issue.



Raja Zia Ul Haq is the President/CEO of Youth Club, a prominent motivational speaker, life coach & “spiritual cardiologist” from Islamabad. His YouTube channel contains numerous video about life and religion, and he recently addressed a question he was asked about whether playing Ludo, or even Ludo Star was haram, just like most games that involve dice are perceived to be in our religion. His argument is worth giving a listen to.

Note: It is not intended to discourage or encourage anyone from playing Ludo or Ludo Star. It is only intended to put forth a perception, to enhance the knowledge of readers.


Raja Zia seems like an educated and well versed man, and if you haven’t seen any of his other views on different things about the Pakistani culture, this will give you an idea of how he aims to inject rationality in the audience that listens to him.



Haram or not, fans of the game cannot get enough of their favorite pass-time these days!


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