Junaid Akram Is Building A FREE Library, And Needs Your Help In Doing So

Junaid Akram is one of the fastest growing social media ‘entities’ of Pakistan, and to his credit, he has always been able to channelized his fame, exposure and experience in doing something positive, and has always been able to dig new and innovative ways of doing it.

Source: Junaid Akram-Facebook

Source: Junaid Akram-Facebook

Just a few weeks back, he collaborated with a local music group from Karachi and rapped about how Pakistani boys are wasting their lives on girls, instead of focusing on the things that actually matter in life. The song has been received well by the Pakistani public, but then again, when have Pakistanis ever forsaken their favorite Ganja comedian. Yet again, Junaid Akram’s latest endevor leaves us applauding in nothing but appreciation.


He has always tried to play his part in his advocacy of a more literate Pakistan..



Junaid Akram has always been an advocate of education, and has mentioned that on countless occasions in his videos. He has criticized Pakistan’s education system, what it instills in the students of Pakistan. He has now decided to open a ‘free library’, which will be open for all to come over, to either read their favorite books, study, or partake in other constructive activities with their peers. The best part? Its all transaction free!

Junaid Ka Idea, Junaid Ki Zubani..



Lets face it. We all have books that are lying around idle on our shelves, catching nothing but dust. There are books we all have that we’d really like the world to read and get inspired by. There are also books that we’d just like to give away so that someone else can make better use of it than we can. In any case, we should do our bit in not only helping Junaid Akram in this brilliant initiative of his, but also contribute to the success of the library, so that Junaid is able to spread it throughout the entire country.

We salute Junaid Akram for the idea, and wish him well in this noble quest of his!

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