Pakistani Film-Makers Make The Country Proud With Two Nominations At The Emmys 2017.

In a country whose film industry is just re-taking off and improving in terms of production, scripting and filming, its short-film and documentary makers have always remained one step ahead of the big guns in this regard. With Sharmeen Obaid opening the door for other documentary makers to come to the fore following her Oscar winning nomination a few years ago, film-makers have grabbed onto the opportunity with both hands, and how!

Source: Pakium

Source: Pakium

Sharmeen Obaid has a habit of making her country proud. After her Oscar winning movie the Girl in The River received international acclaim and rave reviews from the film-making fraternity, she has gone on to do other noteworthy projects after her initial success. The Emmys, which are the Oscars of the small screen, have decided to recognize her prowess once again and included her documentary, The Girl in The River, for three nominations in the categories of Best Documentary, Outstanding Short Documentary and Outstanding Music and Sound.

While Sharmeen showcases the horrendous realities of honor killings in the country and the mistreatment of women, the second nominated documentary focuses on the more radical topic of religious extremism in the country, and in particular, the role that the Laal Masjid and its spearhead has played in proliferating it in the country.

Source: Among The Believers

Source: Among The Believers


Mohammad Ali Naqvi, in his documentary ‘Among The Believers’ gets up close and personal with Maulana Abdul Aziz, considered an extremist religious leader, and quizzes him on this subject, exposing some realities that the Government of Pakistan considered too explicit to be put to display, consequently banning it in the country.


And they received their deserved congratulations on twitter as well..

The Emmys are scheduled to be held on September 17, 2017 at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. Fingers crossed on our film-makers making the country proud once again!

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