Waqar Zaka And His ‘Friend’ Talk About How To Kiss A Pakistani Guy, LIVE!

Waqar Zaka just never fails to stay out of the social media limelight. From fighting with celebrities like Ali Haider, to starting absolutely viral trends, he has become Pakistan’s social-media kingpin. He is an avid traveler, and it was on another one of his travels, we assume, that he uploaded his latest controversial video.


Source: Facebook- Waqar Zaka

Source: Facebook- Waqar Zaka

Waqar Zaka started a live video on his Facebook page, sitting on the lap of a fairly attractive girl, who appeared pretty much Gori and has a Russian accent when she speaks English. Also, she is seen holding a special glass in her hand, which is less than half full. Waqar Zaka also has a rather slurry speech, and his eyes look tired and deep. By now you’v probably understood the point.

Watch Waqar Zaka talk about sex, kissing and how to hit on Ukrainian women..

Pakistanis are never afraid to voice their views openly, and this are our favorite comments on the video..

This lady has a genuine point..



In case anyone has their doubts..


Boy will this make you go “Ohh come on man..”



Bhai, shohrat ke liay sab jaiz hai..



You and us both, brother..


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