Shoaib Malik’s Hashtag Has Taken Over Pakistan, And This Is How His Friends Have Joined In Support

Shoaib Malik is known all over the world for his exploits on the cricket field. He has captained the National team, and has been a regular performer for the side for the last fifteen years. His patriotism has always been of no doubt whatsoever, and he showed his love once again for his country after starting #PakistanZindabad, which has literally swept Twitter, and has received the recognition it deserves.

Source: Cricinfo

Source: Cricinfo

The hashtag is aimed to shed light on the beauty, history and culture of Pakistan, and the achievements of Pakistanis is all the different facets of life, which seemed necessary to get everybody’s mind away from the political negativities the country is embroiled in at the moment. A lot of people have criticized Shoaib Malik over the years for marrying an Indian, and living in Dubai ever since, but Shoaib’s personal life has nothing to do with his love for his country. His effort to promote Paksitan on social media has been received with remarkable support and adulation, with Pakistanis from virtually every profession and background joining in.

Take a look at what the people of Pakistan have accomplished..

Shoaib Malik is a huge fan our Badshahi Mosque

Oh we remember these alright!

Pakistanis have a tendency of going north in the summers. Maybe this will make you think twice next summers..

The National sport, Hockey, needs some big-time rejuvenation. Here’s a reminder of how dominant we once were.

Pakistan once ruled the squash court. Jansher Khan wasn’t that bad either, by the way.

Oh the Rawalpindi Express..

Pakistan Cricket might never be the way like it was with Lala around..

Edhi Sahab. What a man, what a legacy.

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