All The Times That Meera Jee Showed Everybody Why She Is Our Favorite Film Star

Whether you hate her or love her, Meera Jee is someone Pakistanis just cannot live without. Her questionable acting skills, her stupendous grip on the English language, or even her oh so famous ‘Naveeeed’ video that was leaked, probably purposely,  have all made Meera our go to lady for entertainment. On her birthday, we look back at the best Meera moments so far..


When she gave the most awkward interview to a guy in Dubai.. “Super Shakti” is called ‘supr powers’ in English, by the way..


When she couldn’t, for the life of her, understand how to pronounce ‘Photographer’. And oh, oh oh, we will be the back.. Poor Tapu looked like he could kill to get the hell out of there.



When she decied to the the most awkward gym routine and upload its video. By the way, its still better than Ahmed Shahzad’s efforts in the gym..



Meera Jee was was finding it hard to wrap her head around the Panama Scandal. She also declared her criterion for her life partner. Once things mature, candidates can also look at her ‘Naveeeeed’ clips for inspiration and guidance.



BREAKING NEWS – Meera reveals her age, and Sohail Warraich’s reaction is absolutely priceless! Skip to 2:20 to make your eyes pop out.


Meera Jee is undoubtedly the entertainer of entertainers. Despite all her scandals and bullying that have come her way, she has always managed to reinvent herself, keep herself fresh and in the limelight, something that other fading stars should learn from her.

Meera Jee has also been keeping a keen eye on politics. Despite her frustrations on the Panama scandal, she believes that PTI, under the leadership of Imran Khan will form the next government of Pakistan, come 2018.

 We all stand against corruption and dishonesty – Meera

Until next time Meera Jee, a very Happy Birthday to you!

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