Panama-Gate Just Turned Into Calibri-Gate, And Pakistanis Have Been Killing The Government

The Panama leaks scandal, that has plagued the country for the last one a half years, finally seems to be coming to a conclusion. The Joint Investigation Team has submitted its evidence to the Supreme Court of Pakistan, and before the final verdict comes out in a week’s time, Nawaz Sharif’s case has been hampered by a very, very silly mistake.


Source: Samaa Tv

Source: Samaa Tv


Maryam Nawaz Sharif, the PM’s daughter was summoned by the JIT, which was criticized at length by the Sharif family, and she came out satisfied with the evidence she had provided to the JIT. The document that she had submitted were pertaining the transfer and ownership of their properties, and it was shown to be produced in 2006. The JIT observed that the font used in the documents was Calibri, the standard font in Microsoft Word, but the striking part was that the font only came out for the first time in 2007, when Microsoft launched Office 2007. How could the Sharif family have had access to the font a year before it was released?!




Calibri font, seriously?! Even university students go the extra mile and use a different font in their plagiarized assignments.



Pakistan’s political fate might well be decided on a MS Word font, and Pakistanis can’t help but ridicule the carelessness of the PM’s family..

This is by far the best of them all..

But, there is also a twist in the tale, the other side of the coin..

No matter what the final verdict is, there is no doubt what the most popular font in Pakistan is at the moment. Move over Times New Roman!!!

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