This Is How Pakistanis Have Been Paying Tribute To Edhi Sahab On His Death Anniversary

It was exactly one year ago that one of the greatest humanitarians in recorded history, Abdul Sattar Edhi, passed away in Karachi. A lifetime of devotion, dedication in a cause which not many have strength to endure for as long as he managed to, has elevated him to an immortal status in the hearts of Pakistanis.

On 8th July, 2016, the time had come for the man who had nurtured, salvaged and saved so many lives across Pakistan, to finally meet his creator. His death was met with both sorrow and celebration, as Pakistanis, both socially and politically, wanted to celebrate his life’s work, and send him off to his resting in a manner which very few Pakistanis will ever merit receiving. General Raheel Sharif ordered to arrange funeral proceedings under the Pak Army, and was sent off with thousands of Pakistanis, including Raheel Sharif, Shahbaz Sahrif, and the President of Pakistan, Mamnoon Hussain, saluting the great man.


Source: Dawn

Source: Dawn


Source: Tribune

Source: Tribune

Pakistanis from all walks of life have been showing their love and appreciation to the great man..

Instead of mourning his death, celebrate it by donating to his foundation and help make a difference!

Like Younis Khan plans on doing. What a man!

This picture capsulates the fact that money does not buy you genuine respect!

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