Here’s All You Need To Know About The Leisure Leagues Match Featuring Ronaldinho And Giggs

Who would’ve known? Who would’ve known that a player like Ronaldinho, one of the finest footballers the world has ever seen, will step foot in Pakistan. As if this wasn’t enough of a bomb, Manchester United legend Ryan Giggs, the most decorated footballer the sport has ever seen, has also been confirmed as part of the team. Here is all you need to know about the event.

The event is being organized by Leisure Leagues, which is one the largest brands of 5,6 and 7-a-side matches in the UK, and have decided to bring their brand to Pakistan, in order to grow the sport in the region, and what better way to do it than inviting Premier League footballers, legends and a former World Cup winner. The announcement of Giggs joining the League was announced in a grand ceremony organized by the Leisure Leagues team.

Earlier, former Chelsea and England captain John Terry, who just moved to Championship side Aston Villa from his boyhood club, was also set to appear in the showdown, but had to cancel his participation. He sent this video to fans in Pakistan.

This is the trophy, made by beauty brand Swarovski, that will be presented to the winners of the match. Pretty bling!

This guy hopes to clear all confusions that anyone might have regarding the event…

What an opportunity every football fan in Pakistan has- watching players like Ronaldinho and Ryan Giggs live. Be sure to go down to the matches and make this event a success, so that one day, who knows, we might be going to see Leo Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo. It has never hurt to hope, right!?

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