5 Reasons to enroll in The Writing Institute’s Creative Writing Workshops!

Postshive got in touch with Mr. Awais Khan, Founder of The Writing Institute, Pakistan’s Premier Creative Writing Workshops. Mr.Khan is a graduate of the University of Western Ontario (Canada) and Durham University (UK). He has studied Creative Writing at Oxford University, The Writers Bureau UK and Bishopsgate Institute, London. He has also studied Novel Writing and Editing at the prestigious Faber Academy in London (Faber & Faber Publishers). His work has appeared in the Missing Slate Magazine among other publications and he is represented by Literary Agents, Annette Crossland and Bill Goodall, from A for Authors Literary Agency, London.


For many people in Pakistan, Creative Writing is a rich man’s dream, something that cannot and should not be attempted by anyone with a full time job. At The Writing Institute, the workshops have been structured in such a way that everyone can attend and the fee is nominal.


If you have been carrying around that idea in your mind that begs to be put to paper but you can’t figure out how, take The Writing Institute’s workshops and learn the art of writing. According to Mr. Khan, here are 5 reasons why you should consider enrolling:

1) Book Publishing is a multi-billion-dollar market! In the US alone, revenue from books amounted to over 28 billion dollars in 2015 (Association of American Publishers; Ibis World) which tells us that Creative Writing isn’t as obscure a subject as people in Pakistan would like to believe.

2) Creative Writing Courses in the UK and USA are VERY expensive– cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand. The Writing Institute’s fees range from only Rs.1,990 to Rs.7,000. In addition to an Introduction to Creative Writing, students will also be taught how to tackle the ever ominous task of writing a novel.




3) In order to make your voice heard, you need some background knowledge. The US publishes over 300,000 books a year (UNESCO) while the UK publishes in excess of 180,000 a year.

4) Universities love students who have undertaken extracurricular activities which include Creative Writing. The Writing Institute provides Completion Certificates for its workshops, and while they don’t have any legal or educational bearing, they can be just the thing to swing the odds in your favor.


5) The knowledge gleaned from attending these workshops can not only be applied in your education, but also in your workplace. Journalists, freelancers, or basically anyone who has interaction with the written word during his/her workday can benefit from these workshops.

Don’t wait. The Writing Institute is now accepting admissions for its workshops!

Call/Whatsapp them at +92 320 4618010.


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