These firms are hiring in Dubai in the coming month!

Looking for a job in Dubai?

Look no more. We have got you a list of companies hiring in Dubai. The holy month of Ramadan puts everything in a slow pace including commercial and business activities in countries throughout the World with more Muslim population. Thus, the hiring process is put on a halt in this month. The wait is over. These world’s renowned companies have opened their gates for job seekers.

It’s a high time to update your resumes and start applying to different companies. Most of the companies do hiring in July since most of the companies’ financial year ends in June. As quoted by Ashraf Chaudhry, a public speaker and a sales trainer by profession,

July is the best month for job hunting. Majority of companies’ financial years ends on 30th June. 1st July is new year day. New year, new targets, new passion, new budgets and new requirements of human resources.

These multi-national companies are hiring in dubai!



Getting in Emirates is a dream of almost everyone. This Dubai based company is hiring staff from Pilots and cabin crews to Engineers and chefs. You can click Here and check the opportunities.



Microsoft in hiring in Emirates for the positions like architects, solution special, sales professional and many more. Any one looking for a future in technology should have a look this link for more details.

Fly Dubai

fly dubai

Fly Dubai is one of the very few aviation companies which boomed very quickly. They are working really hard to be a part of the elite class of aviation industry. One should really try to be a part of such organization and that is why you should visit their official career website to find about positions like IT manager, Security head, first officer and many more.

UAE Government Jobs

Government jobs in UAE comes with great perks. Expats only focus on private jobs and they ignore the government based jobs thinking that they are only offered to Arabs. That’s not the case! Go apply for the positions available on the official site.



Don’t you want to work in the world’s largest Social Media’s platform offices? If you are okay with the relocation to various countries and can also work on part-time project then visit their career page and find your related opening.

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