After Sarfraz Ahmed, Mohammad Hafeez Is Also Given Extravagant Gifts On A Very Prominent Ramadan Show

Its been almost a week now since Pakistan won the Champions Trophy in England, but Pakistan still can’t contain its happiness. After a hero’s welcome to the entire team, who arrived separately in different cities, the members of the team have been seen making appearances on TV shows and events. After Sarfraz Ahmed, its Mohammad Hafeez’s turn to be invited to Geo Khelo Pakistan, and be given extravagant gifts by sponsors.



Mohammad Hafeez played an instrumental role in Pakistan’s victory in the final of the Champions Trophy exactly one week ago, giving the entire nation an Eid gift in advance. The members of the team have been seen appearing on multiple Ramadan game shows across all major channels, but Geo Khelo Pakistan, the Ramadan show hosted by Cricketing legends Wasim Akram and Shoaib Akhtar, has gone one step further in honor of the nation’s heroes. Mohammad Hafeez was awarded with a total of four brand new cars, given to him by a range of different sponsors.

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Sarfraz was called on to Geo Khelo Pakistan. On the show, Sarfraz was honored by JS Bank, who gifted Sarfraz Ahmed with a brand new BMW X1, in honor of captaining a side in winning a trophy that brought happiness to the entire nation.

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The BMW X1 was recently launched in Pakistan by Dewan Motors, with its basic model being priced at decent figure of 40 Lac Rupees. The car has a 1500cc Turbocharged engine, with a horsepower of 134, and is considered by many as one of the most affordable luxury sedans available in the market.


Source: Pakwheels

Source: Pakwheels


Sarfraz Ahmed, Hafeez and the entire cricket team deserve all gifts and accolades that come their way- they’re the Champions of the world, after all!

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