These Pakistan vs India memes are winning the internet and our hearts!


One thing we have to admit that we weren’t expecting Pakistan to win from India but our boys did exceptionally well and we are proud of them!

No wonder, internet went crazy over their performance and we experienced some funniest memes!

It all started with a no ball!

Thanks to this no ball, our Fakhar got the chance to fakhh the Indian team.

pak 1

Kohli missed Wahan Riaz

pak 2

Need to respect cricket and…!

pak 4

Kisi jagah ko bhi railway line samajh lete hain!

pak 5

Kohli-Dhoni memes won our hearts!

Dhoni bechara kya kya karay?

pak 3

But Sarfaraz tou aya hi nhi bahir!

pak 7

There’s a reason they call him ‘COOL N CALM’

pak 9

Professor was exceptional today!

pak 11


pak 6

Find someone like her!

pak 10

Bhai kya khela hai!

pak 12

Fakhar Zaman

pak 13

pak 22

pak 18

We congratulate Fakhar Zaman!

Aik pappi idhar aik pappi udhar

pak 22

Ranveer Singh was really enthusiastic!

pak 25

Obviously, he had to receive the reaction!

pak 15

pak 19

Zaid Ali T went a little too jazbaati!

pak 16

Now let’s grill Rishi uncle and Sehwag, the moment we all have been waiting for!

pak 23

rishi 1

rishi 2

rishi 3

rishi 5


rishi 7

Well guys, it was just a match and not a war. So let’s take it as one BUT…..

pak 24

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