This British-Pakistani MP’s Oath Taking In URDU Puts The Mentality Of Most Pakistanis Into Perspective

Education is by far the best and most precious gift that an individual can be given, but unfortunately, in our part of the world, it only means being able to crack and accent and speak English whenever you are required to. When a British Pakistani MP took her oath in the language of the country of her birth to honor her mother, it truly sets an example for all who are Pakistani and English-conscious!

Source: IB Times UK

Source: IB Times UK

Nusrat Ghani is a British politician who although was born in England, has roots originating from Pakistan, as her family moved to the land of the Queen all those years back, just like most of the Pakistani-British politicians who elected the June 8 elections in the UK. Ghani, who hails from the Conservative Party, contested her Wealden constituency, winning over 61% of the total votes cast in the constituency, winning by a margin of over 24,000 votes. Any Pakistani politician would be proud of such margins!

When the time came for her to take her oath, she decided to take it in both English and Urdu, in order to honor her mother, and also, we suspect, to send a message of cultural tolerance and acceptance to not only the UK, but to all who watch her inspirational video. Take a look..

Her actions directed heaps of praise her way, both from within the UK and beyond..

British politicians of Pakistani descent have been climbing the political ladder of late over in the UK. In the snap elections of June 8, a total of 30 Pakistani-origin candidates contested the general elections, out of which 12 candidates won in their respective constitutes. UK has already got a Pakistani-origin Mayor in Sadiq Khan, but will a day come that the UK ever sees a Pakistani-origin Prime Minister??

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