These comments by Indians on Sarfaraz will put Pakistanis to shame!

Internet is indeed a cruel place especially these two social media streams, Facebook and Twitter. Make a mistake and they will not leave your soul alone. This time Sarfaraz Ahmed, Pakistani ODI and T20 skipper, became the center of attention of Social Media after his press conference in which he got confused in front of all the English reporters.

Saray English walay hi hain kya?

Pakistanis, instead of supporting the skipper, made fun of his English on the social media, let alone the Indians. Many Indian pages on Facebook posted the press conference video and tweeted about Sarfaraz’s english skills.

Mean Tweets by Indians

Please leave the guy alone!

Pakistanis didn’t leave a chance to make fun of their captain. Almost all the Pakistani Facebook pages trolled Sarfaraz for his English and none of them talked about the fact that English is not our National language. Obviously, Indian pages also took this opportunity but got lectured instead by no one but INDIANS. YES!

Respect for these Indians and shame for those Pakistanis!

sarfaraz 2

Yes, English is NOT a standard to judge someone!

sarfaraz 3

sarfaraz 3

These comments shows that people are still left with the real sportsman spirit and they are here to watch the game and not just bash the opponents.

Hamza Ali Abbasi also lectured Pakistanis over their response on Sarfaraz’s conference.

Anyways, we still won the match against Sri Lanka and are through to the Semi-Finals.

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