To celebrate its 20 years, Age of Empires comes out in 4K!

The new version of Age of Empires will be released later this year. At the rendezvous: 4K, modern graphics, a modern user interface and a soundtrack re-recorded with an orchestra. 20 years after its debut, Age of Empire is entitled to a new version entitled Definitive Edition.

age of empires

Released in 1997, the game was a small revolution in the world of PC gaming and as well as in real-time strategy games. For a whole generation, AOE was also one of the first games played on a computer. After the first Age of Empire, others came out, including a fairly recent remastered version of Age of Empire II in HD. But this is the first time we are getting a 4K version.

At the rendezvous, we have 4K, improved graphics, improved gameplay, a modern user interface as well as a soundtrack remade with a real orchestra. Besides that, we also have the support of the multiplayer on Xbox Live. At the level of the content, we will have the civilizations available in Age of Empires as well as those of the extension Rise of Rome. As for the campaigns, there will be 10. And in addition, the game offers a “classic” mode that you can use “when you just need to have the look of this good old AoE!“.

The release of this new Age of Empire game will be later this year. We are hoping that team that is working on this game should announce something at the Gamescom in August.

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