Aamir Bhai Makes A Very HISTORIC Announcement On His Game Show, And It Is Worth Appreciating

Every year, Ramadan transmissions become the hallmark of entertainment in the Holy Month, and this year, things have been taken up a notch. With Amir Bhai being a usual presence, two former cricketing heroes have also taken up the stage and joined the game-show bandwagon. Amir Bhai has been hosting the self-proclaimed ‘biggest’ Ramadan transmission this time on BOL, and it was on that very show that he announced something very historic.

The game shows have been seen being built up before the beginning of Ramadan, and run right till the end of the month. This was usual practice, up till now that is, as Amir Bhai has supposedly decided to change the trend of how Ramadan transmissions are being conducted. he announced that the game show ‘Aisay Nahi Chalay Ga’ will not be conducted on the sacred nights of the final phase of the Holy Month of Ramadan. He made the announcement in the following video..

The game show on BOL has been receiving mixed reviews. The network marketed the show as the BIGGEST Ramadan transmission the country has ever seen, but that is something that the network associates with virtually everything it does these days. Its credibility was put on the line when an individual put up a video on social media claiming that his game show was nothing but a scam, as he was refused to be paid the prize money he had won. A few days later, the same guy made another video, taking back his words, and showing the viewing public the stack of cash he had received from the BOL office.

Nonetheless, the show has been seen and liked by a decent amount of Pakistanis, and Amir Bhai’s star has indeed risen. He had promised that he would be giving out Mercedes Benz and airplanes, but the latter has not been given out as yet. Amir Bhai announced in the video that the final episode will air on June 15, Thursday. Will the airplanes be given out in the final episode?

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