Rashid Latif Gives The Most Bhaiya Reply To Sehwag, But Sehwag Replies To It Disappointingly

The Pakistan India tussle is not confined to the borders; it is even more fierce on the cricket field. The bragging rights are up on stake whenever India and Pakistan take to battle, and this time in the Champions Trophy, it was India who came up top.

One former Indian cricketer was probably the most happy Indian out there, as his twitter posts were aimed and directing some pretty hard hitting digs at the Pakistan team, and rub salt on the very open wounds of Pakistanis at the time. Here is what he said:

He was nailing it for India in the commentary box as well..

There simply had to be reply to his trashing. Steps up former captain, Rashid Latif.

After Rashid latif uploaded his video, Pakistanis went crazy on his profile, and we’re sure Rashid Latif might have expected Virender Sehwag to reply with similar ‘passion’. Sadly for all spat loving Pakistanis and Indias, it was not the case, as Virender Sehwag gave a mundane reply on twitter, almost ending the spat right there.

Can’t say we’re not disappointed, Mr. Sehwag. Until the next Pakistan-India game..

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