This Man Just Exposed Amir Bhai’s Show, Proving It Is Nothing But A Scam

Once a month every year, on the advent of the Holy Month of Ramzan, all Pkistani celebrities put on the cape of religion, and host Ramzan transmissions which are followed by game shows that have turned our public into greedy beggars.

Instead of asking from God Himself in the mother of all Islamic months, it is the likes of Amir Bhai or Fahad Bhai that people ask things from. Despite their questionable formats, one always expected that these shows will be free from rigging and scams, and that the prizes won by contestants would actually be given to them. Well, apparently, that is not the case.

One man, who says his name is Ahmed Noor, claims that he answered correctly to a question asked by Amir Bhai at his game show Aisay Nahi Chalay Ga, which was supposed to win him Rs. 35,000. After the end of the show, he was given a gist card of an Air Cooler, which he was told to collect from the BOL office. Why was he given the prize of an Air Cooler when he should’ve received Rs. 35,000, as promised?!

This sort of news has become synonymous with these game shows, especially the one Amir Bhai is hosting. BOL, when it started publicizing about the program, claimed that it would be the biggest game show of Pakistan’s history, and nobody doubted them. They had a fleet of private airplanes, Mercedes Benz and a host of other glittering prizes. The flip side of it is that when the first winner of the Mercedes Benz was announced, it was revealed after a few days that the winner was none other than a BOL insider.

Ramzan game shows and transmissions have a knack of getting a little shameful every now and then, but that does’nt bother the producers. It was revealed last year the Geo and ARY pocketed over Rs.40 Crore in net profits from last year’s shows, after paying hefty amounts to hosts such as Fahad Mustafa, and creating and maintaining their lavish sets.

The Pakistani public are having none of it:

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