Remembering Aamir Zaki – Probably The Best Guitarists Pakistan Has Ever Produced

Just when Pakistanis were enjoying the blessings of the second Friday of Ramadan, they were hit with a devastating piece of news. Aamir Zaki, the renowned guitarist, song writer and composer, had died in Karachi, aged 49. He had been suffering from illness for a long time, which had culminated in a heart attack, bringing an end to his legacy as a Pakistani musician.

Source: Dawn

Source: Dawn

Aamir Zaki was born in Saudia Arabia, and developed a love affair with music and guitar at a tender age. He was discovered by Pakistani pop ace Alamgir in the 1980s, and added him to his band which toured all of Pakistan and the world. He later moved from Alamgir to join Junaid Jamshed and Rohail Hyaat in Vital Signs, between 1993 to 1994, and toured with them.

It was after Vital Signs that Aamir Zaki decided to pursue a solo career in music. Therefore, in 1995, Zaki released his first album Signature, that also featured his single ‘Mera Pyaar‘, which probably remains Aamir Zaki greatest hit till date. Signature was followed by Aitebaar and finally, with Rough Cut, which also featured Hadiqa Kiyani.

The circumstances surrounding his death are somewhat acrimonious. Reports suggest that he had been suffering from depression for a considerable amount of time, largely due to lack of a sustainable source of income, which lead to him finding it difficult to pay his rent and bills. He had also been suffering, allegedly, from bipolar disorder, and he had run out of money to finance the treatment. He was rushed to Edhi Center in Sorabh Goath in Karachi, where he was pronounced dead.

It is here that the Waqar Zaka and Ali Haider fiasco began. Waqar Zaka had arrived at the Edhi Center to find that no one from the fraternity had come over to pay their respects or help Aamir Zaki in his time of need. Since he had singled out Ali Haider, Hadiqa Kiyani and the Coke Studio team, Ali Haider took to Facebook to voice his opinions.

Ali Haider responded with this message!

Waqar Zaka strikes back!

Waqar Zaka again, making ‘Ali Haider famous’, as he said in the previous video

Fans, musicians and celebrities paid their respects to the musician..

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