Of Owais Baig and his “Karnamay”!

We recently stumbled upon an Instagram account that cracked us up. With quirky, candid, raw, aesthetically beautiful yet extremely hilarious content that is  a satire on the current Pakistani happenings, we couldn’t help getting to know the Creative Maestro behind!


OwaisBaig, the man behind the Insta blog, @baigworks, is a Communication design distinction holder hailing from The National College of Arts (NCA), Baig stepped into the advertising industry, specializing in both traditional print and digital. But a job offer from Dubai marked a turning point in his life: not only did he move there in early 2011, he was able to find his destiny only 6 months later: he started his own creative digital agency based in Dubai by the name of “Phreakin’ Digital” (which also got recognition by the Cannes Lions Middle East, 2014, for its ingenuity in design)

Baig also realized that even if you own an agency, you are eventually working within parameters defined by clients which fades the creative stimulation growth of a designer. That’s when @baigworks happened: an insta blog where he lets his creative juices flow- and cracking us up while he’s at it!

Here’s our little tete-e-tete with OwaisBaig himself!

So what gets your creative juices flowing (for your own work)? Are they more of a creative release?

Not being able to produce something “new” and the feeling of wasting your talent I’d say are the biggest motivating factors. They for sure are a creative release as well, otherwise you end up in a loop of everyday tasks and there is no escaping that.

As for a design style, I try and explore various ways of telling a message to break the monotony and not sticking to a particular style. I love experimenting with typography and stick with Urdu where possible. I’m a big fan of Iranian graphic design. A lot of times inspiration leads to you developing a similar style of the work you originally got inspired from so I’m still experimenting and playing around my work to keep it original and not to fall into that trap.


Your work reflects you’ve not lost touch with what’s been happening in Pakistan, though. What do you miss about Pakistan the most? What’s the struggle like?

Well you can take a Pakistani out of Pakistan but you can’t take Pakistan out of a Pakistani! You only realize the warmth, the nitty gritties and the potential Pakistan has, once you’re out of the country for this long (I specifically did). Apart from the amazing food, family and friends? The weather, culture, sometimes the load shedding, the chaos but still a hope of a better tomorrow; all these things I guess you do miss for sure!

The struggles are tough! It’s a roller coaster ride! But working outside of Pakistan and competing with some of the best brand names out there, you realize the potential that Pakistan has and produces despite all the ill in the region.


What do you think about the role of Instagram and Social Media in promoting creativity and artists?

Personally, I think I should have started this a long time back. The power of social media is very strong. Not with just showcasing one’s work but also keeping relevant with the rest of the world. It’s the best, free advertising you can possibly do unlike traditional-old school methods. 


You took the leap of faith by starting your own business. What advice would you give to people out there who are not as courageous? 

 I think our time is limited and there is no right time. It won’t be easy, it’s not supposed to be. Hence it’s a “leap of faith” and not a “step”. And the belief that there is a Superior Being who’s got your back, you shouldn’t really be scared.


Currently, Baig has a lot on his plate: more projects and a series of illustrations depicting the personas of friends and different known/ unknown personalities through a customized design and illustration style.

While some of his current designs are solely made for Instagram post sizes and are not printable, there’s an upcoming project that will incorporate printable versions of his work that will be available online and he’s also considering commissioned work (already on our wish-list)

We wish him all the best for his future endeavors and would love to see what all he’s brewed up for his next wacky Instagram post!

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