The winner of CW’s America’s Next Top Model is DEAF! Here’s his story!

Here’s what you should know about this DEAF winner of The CW's America's Next Top Model

Meet America’s Next Top Model Winner, NyleDiMarco, who is a model, actor and a deaf activist.  He grew up in a deaf community which made him comfortable being differently abled. He did not let all of this to stop him from achieving his dreams.

1) He is the first deaf and second male winner of America’s Next Top Model.

2) He went to Gallaudet University and graduated with a degree in Mathematics.

Nyle said in an interview that his university is a part of his identity although his shifted his career from what he studied.

3) An agency contacted him to be a part of America’s next top model

On being asked how he became a part of America’s Next Top Model, he said, a website approached him after looking at his social media account. The agency wanted him to audition for it as he’s got good looks.

4) He views deafness as an advantage in modeling

He uses American Sign Language and finds it very visual. He thinks modeling requires a lot of that too as you have to convey a story through it.

5) He takes modeling as networking opportunity

He is of the opinion that modeling gives him the opportunity to work with various photographers and producers which him improve his skills.

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6) His goal is to show to it the world that deaf people can too be whatever they want to be.

He thinks that seeing him doing all this will give confidence to the deaf community who’s talented enough to achieve their dreams.


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7) He started NyleDiMarco Foundation in 2016.

He started his non-profit organization to help deaf people get better life opportunities. He was overjoyed with happiness when he won the Mirror Ball.

You can watch the interview here:

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