These Pakistani Fashion brands’ Instagramming is on point!

It may be the 8th largest Social Media platform worldwide (Independent).  But for Fashion, Instagram ranks as number ONE! After revolutionizing Fashion globally, Instagram has emerged as one of the major platforms for reaching the more refined fashion-savvy audiences and more importantly, for communicating  a unique brand personality .There are many reasons for this:

  • Since Facebook came first, brands who’ve garnered an audience on Facebook know that they are primarily masses who are shopping/product focused. Facebook is hence, ideal for conversions to e-stores of brands in Pakistan.
  • Facebook has a lot of fake profiles that are part of the brands’ audience and hence, the targeting of this Social Media platform becomes questionable.
  • Not many in Pakistan are well familiarized with Instagram. It appeals to the more tech-savvy, cool and visuals-oriented audience and interestingly, has more female users in proportion to males.

Instagram users are aware that whatever happens in fashion, Instagram is the place to find out about it-and that too, LIVE.

Unfortunately, only a few fashion brands are harnessing the power of this Social Media platform in Pakistan!

Postshive finally gives credit to those it has been long due! With out-of-the-box Art Direction and presumably, very creative Marketing and Graphic Design Teams, the following brands are showing the way to slay Instagramming to the Pakistani Fashion Industry!

Not only does this put them on every trailblazer’s must-check list but it conveys volumes about their vision, aesthetic and their sound understanding of technology’s role in fashion.



This is the only High-street label in Pakistan that has adopted and consistently maintained a grid layout for its Instagram page! (We love how it always breaks away from the clutter!)

Scroll down their page to around mid-February’17, when the brand kicked off with a distinct Instagram Identity: Each row or a set of rows on their Instagram page are mindfully (and beautifully) composed in an organic and sometimes inorganic fashion.

2) Zara Shahjahan


Perhaps a year back, Zara Shahajahan was probably the first brand ever to jump on the Insta-grid format bandwagon. Their signature style is a white border around their Instagram posts. For a luxury brand, their Instagram page indeed allude an upscale, fashion-forward yet traditional identity of the brand.

3) Tena Durrani


While we may not be big fans of the brands busy graphics, we would commend their Insta-grids (although some of them seem to be inspired by Elan and Zara Shahjahan) and the conscious effort to develop and compose content to maintain it.

4) Elan


Although the brand deviates from it’s grid format oftentimes, there are often some very beautiful graphics that meet the eye and never leave the mind. We’re not big fans of overlaying posts with texts too.  Overall, we love the Sabyasachi vibes of this Instagram page.

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