Whatsapp went down for few hours last night and social media erupted!

Whatsapp servers went down last night, for 2 hours, and everyone went totally confused that whether it’s their smartphones creating issues or is it because of the application. Most of the countries including USA, UK, Germany and Pakistan were affected by the online messaging service. #whatsappdown became the top trend in various countries, overnight. Many users reported that they are able to open the application but are unable to send or receive messages.

For Whatsapp lovers, it felt like their world felt apart. Social media reacted in horror and amusement.


Now that’s a MAJOR issue!

Iphone users didn’t leave a chance to troll other devices users

People came to Twitter for the rescue and realized its importance!

A moment of relief for other Social Media networks!

Finally, it came back after 2 hours and people took a sign of relief!

Whatsapp is undergoing major updates which will let users recall their messages sent within five minutes, which will save them from embarrassment. Users will be able to delete the messages from receiver’s mobile within five minutes if they didn’t read it already.

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