Here’s A Throwback To What Happened In Guardians Of The Galaxy I

Look back at Guardians of the Galaxy

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 will be releasing tomorrow, so we thought we could take a look back at the first film. The first Guardians of the Galaxy surprised everyone – it was a blockbuster hit but no one expected it to be that good and light hearted along the way. Of course, it’s Marvel so you can expect at least a good film, but it tore beyond its expectations in a flash. It grossed 773.3 million dollars worldwide, making it the highest-grossing superhero film of 2014, and garnered massive praise for its humor, action, soundtrack, visual effects, direction, musical score, and acting.

We summarize the plot below.

In 1988, following his mother’s death, the then young Starlord, Peter Quill (played by Chris Pratt) is abducted from Earth by a group of space pirates led by Yondu Udonta. Fast forward 26 years, we see Quill as a Starlord with his ancient CD player playing a hip playlist and tracking down a precious orb. He steals the orb but is attacked by Korath in the process, the latter is a sub-ordinate of Kree Ronan. Yondu discovers the theft and issues a bounty on Quill as well as sending the assassin Gamora after him.

(Peter Quill aka Starlord)                (Yondu Udonta)


Starlord then arrives on Xandar – the capital of the Nova Empire in order to sell the orb. However Gamora ambushes him and steals it back, the ensuing fight between the pair also draws in two bounty hunters, the cyber modified talking Raccoon called Rocket and his tree-like friend Groot. All four are captured by officers and put in the Kyln, a prison of sorts. There they encounter Drax the Destroyer who attempts to kill Gamora because of her affiliation with Ronan, who is responsible for killing the former’s family. Quill intervenes saying that Gamora can bring Ronan to Drax, the assassin also reveals that she has betrayed Ronan because he cannot be allowed to wield the orb’s power. Upon learning that Gamora has a buyer for the mysterious orb, the ragtag group of adventurers – Quill, Rocket, Groot, Drax and Gamora escape the Klyn in Quill’s ship, the Milano.


Rocket and Groot

This marks the beginning of an exhilarating adventures as these five unlikely heroes try to thwart Ronan who betrays Thanos. Ronan gets his hands on the Infinity Stone and plans to destroy Xandar. Our heroes will attempt to thwart Ronan by joining forces with the Nova Corps. This is a very succinct version of the story, we suggest you give it a watch yourself, you shall be far from disappointed at both the humor and the action. And this is the right time to watch and revise the story, we’re sure that Volume 2 of this series will be just as fun.

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