Maryam Nawaz took an unnecessary ‘PHADA’ with International Journalists!

Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif and his Family are trying so hard to prove themselves innocent after the Panama Leaks. Maryam Nawaz, especially, is using the social media stream, Twitter, to prove her point. Sometimes, she’s roasting PTI’s chairman Imran Khan and sometimes she’s going after PPP. Unfortunately, most of the times she lands herself into awkward situations and makes herself a laughing stock.

Same happened yesterday, when she was trying to remove the dust of Panama away from her family. She tweeted that “Panama is crap. Trashed in the rest of the world. Those relying on it to bring down NS wil bite the dust Insha’Allah.” She also stated that Panama case was not about corruption and all.

She again tried to take a dig on Imran Khan and PTI for their performance in KPK.

As a response to Maryam Nawaz, Bastian Obermayer(the guy who played a vital role in Panama papers) tweeted, “Sorry to tell you: ARE about . We found an astonishing number of corruption cases in the documents – and all real.”

Maryam indirectly responded to the journalist saying that Panama was a conspiracy.

Here’s when Maryam Nawaz was schooled by Obermayer for not knowing the true meaning of Journalism.

Not stopping there, she again hinted of Imran Khan being the mastermind of all this ‘conspiracy’.

Frederik Obermaier, co-author of Panama Papers joined the conversation to prove Maryam Nawaz wrong.

The journalist won the argument by bringing in her passport and proof of her being the owner of offshore companies.

That put an end to the conversation and Maryam also stopped replying to the journalists.

Yeah, Journalists 1 – Maryam 0!

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