You need to install this application to use free public WI-FI hostspots in various cities of Pakistan!

Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) has established Wi-Fi hotspots at various public places in major cities of Pakistan including Lahore and Multan, through which, citizens will enjoy free internet. The service is now being extended to more cities.

The service has been launched in January this year, but many people are still unaware of this Wi-Fi service in the city and those who does, they don’t know how to use it. But now, the government has solved this problem by introducing an android application from where you can find the nearby public Wi-Fi hotspots and configure them on your mobiles.

Punjab WIFI” application is available on google store and it’s only made available for android users for now. You have to register yourself in the app before connecting to any free Wi-Fi hotspot in Pakistan. Remember that Punjab WiFi application will provide you with all the information to connect with the nearby hotspot and registration procedures. Using the method described in detail below.

1. Download ‘Punjab Wifi’ app from the Google Store. Click here to download the app.
punjab wifi2

2. All the nearby hotspots will be visible on the screen after opening the application.

punjab wifi1

3. This application will also tell the steps to connect to the free hotspot.

4. Turn on the Wi-Fi of your mobile or laptop and connect to “PunjabWifi” network.

punjab wifi3

5. Now open your browser and open any website. The registration page of Punjab Wifi will automatically open.

6. Add your mobile number on the given box and press submit.

punjab wifi4

7. You will receive a pin code on your mobile phone immediately. Add the pin code in the box provided and press submit.

punjab wifi5

8. After completing all the step mentioned above, your registration process will be completed and you can connect to any PunjabWifi hotspot in future.

punjab wifi7

It is worth mentioning that the various parks in Lahore, hospitals, bus stops, railway stations, colleges, universities have been set as free Wi-Fi hotspot zones from which  one lakh sixty thousand people can use this free wifi. This facility is being provided under the Digital Punjab Program so people could get free and reliable Internet service in public places.

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