David Beckham Still loved and remembered as always! The legend turns 42 today!

David Beckham Still loved and remembered as always! The legend turns 42 today

If you’re a 90’s kid and even if you’re not into football, the most recognizable face you will have seen growing up was David Beckham! He was the larger than life superstar of football who was recognized by everyone around the world. He was the only footballer even my mother recognized!

Well, Mr. Becks is turning 42 today. The handsome footballer is still young and can give the most handsome of models and heartthrobs a run for their money. Here are just a few reasons why even after his retirement David Beckham is still remembered and loved by all!

Happy Birthday - David Beckham

1) Well, he lives in the hearts of millions of people (Read: ladies).

Well, what can we say, just look at him. I mean, most men in their twenties will be jealous of how good he looks even in his forties. I know I am. You can’t blame the ladies for falling for him though!

Well, Nothing (Everything) to be jealous of! He is just an ordinary guy! 😛

2) That Goal(s)!

Well, Mr. Becks isn’t just only a good looking man! This man could play at the highest level. Whenever someone scores a freakish goal form half line, it is instantly compared to David Beckham’s goal because he was the pioneer, the first one to do it!


England fans remember him for a number of reasons. From his villainous role in their quarter-final exit to his redemption and then achieving greatness with the free kick that put England in the World Cup Finals of 2002.

Villain to Hero!

And of course, for football fans his right foot will always be remembered and how many players have an actual phrase named after them ala bend it like Beckham.

3) His Hair Styles:

David Beckham was and is the style icon! We all have for once in our lifetime tried to follow his hair style. From absurd to great, Mr. Becks hairstyles were the talk of the town. Who better to discuss them then David Beckham himself?

Source: The Graham Norton Show

4) His love for his family:

David Beckham is a family man through and through. He loves his wife and continuously shows his love for him even on social media. One of many reasons David Beckham is so popular even now is his cute antics with his children. His funny and innocent interactions with his sons on social media make us love him even more.

From mocking his son for having fewer followers to boxing with his younger son and cute snaps with the daughter, he makes us adore him.

Early morning box with the little man… Caught me with a right jab… Fun times @cruzbeckham

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Source: David Beckham Instagram

Haha! Serious Burn!


5) His Charity work:

David Beckham does a lot of charity. He has been a Goodwill Ambassador of UN since 2005 and is now a days helping UNICEF protecting children against violence globally. He is a great human being and a wonderful gentleman.

Happy Birthday David Beckham! Enjoy and keep making us adore and love you!

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