This Is How You Can Get Nicknamed In Pakistan Because Of Your Physical Appearance

As a Pakistani kid, you must have at least one nickname that your family members call you by. Be it a name given to you out of love or just a short of your original name, nicknames are quite funny. However, another than these, some names are given to people because of how they look, and it’s quite common in Pakistan to give such names.However, before calling someone by some names, make sure they don’t feel humiliated by that.

So, here’s a list of names we call people because of their physical appearance exclusively in Pakistan.

Guy with Beard AKA ‘Molvi’

Doesn’t matter if you’re celebrating ‘No shave November’ or following some fashion trend, in Pakistan, if you have a beard, people would call you a ‘Molvi’. You then have to explicitly clarify them that it’s just out of fashion.

Person with long Height = ‘Khamba’

Other than the ridiculous and annoying questions like ‘How’s weather up there?’, if you are quite a long-heighted person, you’ll be called funny (and sometimes humiliating)names like ‘Khamba’ (Electric Pole) its pretty long! Eh? Or maybe ‘zarafa’ (giraffe). However, as a revenge, you can answer them something like:


Person with Glasses = ’Parhaku’

Putting on glasses make you look like a nerd for sure. Whether you’re one or not, people do think that you are and thus the title ‘Parhaku’-only because you’re wearing spectacles. Anything but at least it makes look cool in front of people.


Person with small and thin face = ‘Chussa Hua Amb’

This one is quiet funny, though. When you are putting so much effort on your dieting and successfully losing calories, but then they see your thinning face and lean body and are like ‘Oye! Chussay hue Amb. Khananahikhateaj kal?

Fat Person = ‘Motu’

There are literally a lot of names given to a person who is even just a little bit overweight. Other than motu/motu, obese people are often called ‘bhains’, ‘aloo’etc.However, most people feel humiliated and get triggered upon listening such words so you are advised to avoid using them or otherwise:

And the latest addition,

Long Mustache AKA Gullu Butt

Gullu Butt

Ever since the incident in Lahore, Gullu Butt has become a national sensation and his signature mustache (have a look at the beauty) has influenced many people opt his style. So, if a person has a long similar mustache, he’s the ‘Gullu Butt’.

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