Why you shouldn’t make Lionel Messi angry

Why you should not make messi angry

Cometh the hour, cometh Messi.

Yesterday saw the El Clasico – one of football’s greatest rivalries – being played at the Santiago Bernabéu. And it was a treat to watch. Tense, fast-paced, gripping and best of all it featured Messi in full throttle. And we all know what happens when the little Argentine is on song.

Messi produced a master class to steer his side to victory and thrust Barcelona to the top of the La Liga Table, while he was at it, he also brought up his goal tally to 500, as well as becoming the all-time top scorer in El-Clasico history. All this in one match. Even if you’re a Madrid fan and do not like Barcelona (guilty as charged) you simply cannot help but feel immense respect for perhaps the greatest footballer of all time.

Madrid tried their utmost to stop the Maestro from producing his magic – Casemiro and Ramos can attest to this fact – but they simple could not stop him. Here are a few pictures of Messi during his sublime display.

12th Minute: Casemiro decides to hack Messi – after the latter made him look foolish with a skill move.

Messi slide Casemiro

Messi felt the heat from Madrid early on, this attributed to his fury later. On a side note, is Casemiro immune to red cards?

21st Minute: Messi gets elbowed in the face by Marcelo

Messi gets elbowed in the face by Marcelo

It was a serious blow

Messi blood on face

Medics helping Messi

However it’s not easy keeping Messi off his feet, and he was back up again shortly after.

messi sangrando - after elbow to the face

33rd Minute: Messi scores after leaving Modric and Carvajal in the dust.

Barcelonas Argentinian - Messi scores after elbow to the face

That is the face of a man who is focused on exacting revenge.

77th Minute: Ramos slides and tries to chop Messi in half.


Ramos got a straight red for his troubles.

92nd Minute: Messi produces a majestic finish with his left foot to drive home the third goal. 3-2.

Real-Madrid vs Barcelona - La-Liga

And his celebration was testimony to the emotion he felt.

Lionel Messi - The King

The King.

Here are Messi’s highlights from the match. Breathtaking stuff.

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