Coke (Zalima) versus Chai – Other Brands Join the War

Coke (Zalima) versus Chai – Other Brands Join the War

Coke started this cold war with tea brands with its recent commercial of “Zalimaa chai nahi, Coca Cola pila day” and these hash tags started trending #ZalimaCocaColaPilaDe, #ChaiNahiCoke. After that various brands joined this and targeted each other in a humorous way. The following post started this series:

Courtesy: Coca Cola Pakistan

Lipton responded to this saying, “Pakistanis love Chai, Zalima  … Nice Try!”

Courtesy: Lipton

Nescafe’ joined them and claimed that morning of masses starts with them claiming “We kick start mornings and sometimes…battles too!”

Courtesy: Nescafe’

Tang joined the heated debate too saying, “Enjoy Tang while others fight!”

Courtesy: Tang Pakistan

Nestlé EveryDay  thought to mention what Coke can’t do and Chai can and promoted the hash tag #ZalimaChaiPilaDey!

Courtesy: Nestlé EveryDay

Happilac Paints tried to take advantage of the situation and claimed they can clean the stains and mess of Coke and Chai’s fight.

Courtesy: Happilac Paints

GrocerApp tried to make peace saying you can order both through their application.

Grocer App

Fortress Square also gave a similar response.

Fortress Square

Din News claimed it does not matter whether you’re drinking coke or chai if you’re watching their channel.

Din News

The masses are enjoying this brand war going on right now. Let’s see when this chain stops!

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